Wentwell Wednesday #17

We’ve killed truth with feeling, and reality has become what you believe. It’s problematic because feelings fluctuate, creating an intense anxiety as you doom scroll headlines and social media to benchmark your levels of hope and despair each morning.

Resilience may have been the buzzword of the pandemic, but now is the era of ambiguity – a time of mass tragedies, extreme polarization, and disinformation that’s also given us exciting technology innovations, medical breakthroughs, and pickleball. It’s a confounding, frustrating, whiplash world, and we make sense of it all through writing.

Don’t forget that we’re all writers, constantly creating or commenting. We often conflate news and events, but they aren’t the same. Events happen, news is made. And when something is made it can be shaped, with equal opportunity to manipulate or enlighten.

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